Minal Hasan


Minal founded K2 Global to invest in early and late-stage tech start-ups. K2 Global is one of the largest women-run venture capital firms. Prior to founding K2 Global, Minal was outside counsel to Uber, Twitter, Square, Medium, and Zuora, among other start-ups, ranging from two founders with a deck to public companies to everything in between. She oversaw over 150 venture financings and billions of dollars of acquisitions and IPOs. As a lawyer, Minal “wrote the book” for secondary sales that are now considered industry standard. Minal previously served as VP of Stanford Angels, which seed invests in start-ups coming out of Stanford University and has invested in companies like SoFi. Minal is also an active angel investor. Early in her career, Minal worked in product marketing at a mobile company and in journalism as a columnist for The San Jose Mercury News.

Minal was born in Stanford and went to Castilleja School in Palo Alto. She has degrees from UC Berkeley and USC. She graduated college at the age of 19 after writing two undergraduate theses, including one on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and the future of audio tech post-Napster.

Ozi Amanat


Ozi is Singapore based venture capitalist and founded K2 to invest in early and growth stage tech start-ups.